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Photothema organizes and guides special photography trips in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Oman and Canada. With small groups of a maximum of 7 participants and two supervisors, you can always count on excellent individual guidance.

Photo Tours Greece 2024
Greece is a fantastic photography destination all year round. Get started with street photography in busy Athens or capture the silence of deserted places during our urbex photo tour. We end the year with a special photo week, focusing on the olive harvest.
Photo Tours Greece

Photography is writing with light
(Greek: φωτογραφίζω)

As far as we are concerned, photography is possible with any camera and with little to much experience. We are here for everyone who likes to take pictures or wants to learn how to take pictures. Do you doubt whether you can participate in a photography trip or workshop with your camera or knowledge? Don't hesitate and ask us!

Photo tour Oman
Photo tour Oman from January 30 to February 10 (full) & from February 13 - 24, 2025 (place still available)

Destinations & Guaranteed Departures

Discover the Photothema photography trips. You are welcome with any camera and with little or much experience.

Urbex photography in Greece

Since 2019, photographers Anton and Laurien have been guiding a special urban exploring photo tour in the Peloponnese, Greece. We take you to abandoned houses, empty monasteries, train stations where no train ever stops and olive oil presses that have been dry for decades. This specialized urbex trip is suitable for both novice and experienced urbexers.

The group trip – with a maximum of 6 participants – is organized 1-2 times a year. The next urbex trip is scheduled for the week of November 23-30 (waiting list). There is still room on the trip from March 22-29, 2025. In addition, it is possible to individual urbex photography workshop can be booked on request or included in our urbex locations flydrive in the Peloponnese.

Urban exploring Greece

Urban, street and creative photography in Athens and Venice

In the autumn of 2024 we will organize photo trips to two Mediterranean, but completely different, cities. The photo trip to Venice takes place from October 17-21. A week later – from October 29 to November 3 – we will be photographing in Athens. In both cities we deviate from the beaten track. City and street photography is central. We also pay ample attention to creative forms of photography to capture the atmosphere in the city.

Learn more about Athens and Venice

Photo theme Photo tours Athens and Venice autumn 2024

Photo workshops on location

In addition to the photography trips, we also offer the option of booking a photo workshop on location in the Netherlands, Belgium or Greece. A tailor-made workshop is also possible.

Agenda Workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium
Photo Workshops In And Around Sparta 

Online creative photographers course

Online Lessons & Photo Coaching

Our clients can book online lessons and photo coaching with us, both private and in small groups.

Overview Online Photo Lessons


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About Photothema

Photographer Anton Harfst and anthropologist Laurien van den Hoven have been organizing and guiding the Photothema photo tours since 2009. They develop their own programs and teaching materials and are known for their individual guidance – also during group tours. Attention to history and culture is part of their working method; if you know context on the photo locations, you'll quickly take better photos. Together Anton and Laurien make sure you learn a lot, take beautiful pictures and enjoy the surroundings during your photography trip.

Xirokambi, base for the Photothema photography tours

Xirokambi, a lively village just south of the famous Greek city of Sparta, is Photothema's base for photography tours in Greece.


“A dazzling journey through Oman, full of beautiful highlights to take the most beautiful pictures. Enthusiastically helped by the strong, professional and attentive duo: Anton and Laurien.”

“What a beautiful, photogenic city Venice is. And if you can walk around there with two photographers, Anton and Laurien, it is a unique experience. They know all the nice places, vistas and are in the right place at the right time. The photo discussions, the knowledge, the assignments, the fellow students, but above all the personal attention make this photo weekend unforgettable.”

“A wonderful week in and around Xirokambi (Greece) with Anton and Laurien as (photo) guides. Never seen and been able to photograph so many urbex locations together. From empty houses with interesting details to fully furnished houses that make you wonder when the residents thought they would return. Everything was arranged down to the last detail. From pick up from the airport to lunches in the middle of nowhere, pruning shears for the blackberry bushes, WD 40 for the rusty locks, etc. Every evening a different restaurant where Laurien knew exactly which specialties to order. Highly recommended for every urbex photographer who is not (always) in a position to find locations himself or who does not want to take any risks with guards and/or really unsafe situations, while the real urbex feeling is still 100% present and you have plenty of time to really discover houses.” 

“The photo tour to the Peloponnese with Laurien and Anton is more than a photo tour. With them you get a total package: photogenic landscapes and nature, culture and history, good food and conviviality, good explanations during the taking of the photos and constructive criticism during the photo review. In addition, Laurien and Anton take very good care of their guests. They make sure that all travel companions are well. In addition to all things related to photography, there is room for personal attention and contact. All in all this trip is a great experience and highly recommended. I really want to go back to Xirokambi!”

“The Photo Tour on the Peloponnese with Anton and Laurien is highly recommended. The guidance is expert, the atmosphere relaxed, the places where photographs are taken are beautiful, the debriefings instructive. Learned a lot and enjoyed authentic Greece.”

“What a wonderfully relaxed and inspiring week! The (urban photography) trip was top notch: transport, accommodations, idyllic lunch and dinner locations, beautiful nature and good urbex locations. Many thanks again for all your good care in every area, Anton and Laurien!”

“We have had a wonderful trip through Yukon. Because of the beautiful weather we were able to take plenty of time everywhere to photograph the impressive landscape. The highlight for me was Tombstone Territorial Park. The trip was well put together. We have stayed in special locations, met special people and seen amazing places. I look back fondly on this trip. Anton, Laurien and fellow photographers, thank you!”

“You really need a tripod if you are involved in urban photography,” says this website. Well, that's not for me then. I'm not friends with that paw thing. But fellow travelers on other Photothema trips convinced me that urbexing with Anton and Laurien is really a lot of fun. So: off to Xirokambi with tripod in your luggage. The experts had not promised too much: inspiring locations, challenging photo situations, sometimes in civilization, sometimes in the loneliness of the deserted mountain country. With my brand new full-frame system camera I could experiment to my heart's content. Your physical space at the locations is limited. So does everyone come up with the same photos? In the photo reviews nothing could be further from the truth. All 6 evenly matched participants used their own approach. And surprising feedback from Anton with every image. Hope learned! And the fascinating stories of Anton and Laurien about Greek society. As always, everything was perfectly arranged: accommodation, daily schedule, transport, keys to houses, coffee, lunches, food on the square. In short: it was great! And after 7 days I had actually become adept at positioning my three extra limbs.”

You will find more reactions from participants in the travel descriptions of the various photo tours.

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