Fly drive Peloponnese – photo tour

  • The Authentic and Hospitable Village of Xirokambi as Your Base
  • Beautiful Nature, Mountains, Sea, Towns and Excavations Within Half an Hour's Drive
  • Detailed Information About Where and at What Times to Shoot
  • Option: Urban Exploring Together With Photographer Anton Harfst
  • Also a wonderful trip for non-photographing partners!
Landscape photography
Selfdrive Peloponnese Anakolou Gorge
Greek South Coast
Xirokambi bridge
Stay at hotel Taleton during fly drive
Mountain villages
Fly drive Peloponnese: visit the photogenic Gythio.
Landscape photography
Selfdrive Peloponnese Anakolou Gorge
Greek South Coast
Xirokambi bridge
Stay at hotel Taleton during fly drive
Mountain villages
Fly drive Peloponnese: visit the photogenic Gythio.
Landscape photography
Selfdrive Peloponnese Anakolou Gorge
Greek South Coast
Xirokambi bridge
Stay at hotel Taleton during fly drive
Mountain villages
Fly drive Peloponnese: visit the photogenic Gythio.
Self-drive Peloponnese

Fly drive Peloponnese – photo tour

Guaranteed Departure
When? Jan 01, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024
Number of participants Nvt
Places available Nvt
Pricing € 825 | 1 person + €470



Fly drive to the most beautiful photo locations in the southeast of the Peloponnese

Peloponnese - map photo tour GreeceDiscover the most beautiful places in the valley of Sparta and surrounding mountains from the cozy village of Xirokambi. A fly drive on the Peloponnese with walks, photogenic villages, excavations, impressive views and an introduction to Greek cuisine at its best.
Your guidebook includes detailed information on photo locations and the best times to shoot there. And on the way you can call on Photothema, your remote photographer/tour guide.

Location Xirokambi
Xirokambi is a lively village a fifteen minute drive from Sparta. It is wonderful to relax on the square with its large plane trees and cozy restaurants and cafes. There are several shops, including a bakery, greengrocer and supermarket. From the village you can walk straight into the olive groves and the mountains. The boutique hotel – 10 rooms – is housed in a beautiful stone building with a green courtyard and a swimming pool.


Returned last week from the fly self-drive Peloponnese. We were the first participants to make this trip and it is an absolute must! Laurien and Anton make an inventory of your preferences in advance, after which you will receive a complete package with a program for each day with corresponding routes. And also with all kinds of practical tips about photography, but also, for example, about where you can eat best. We have seen beautiful nature, visited remote mountain villages and met many locals. The stay in Xirokambi, with the central square, where you went to eat and drink among the Greek residents on one of the terraces was unique! I was able to photograph a lot (back-up was requested for photography if necessary), and husband Jaap enjoyed all the sights. We look back on a more than successful holiday!
Marie van Vliet
Hello Laurien and Anton, My trip is over and I am on my way home again. I enjoyed everything very much. The manual was good at guiding me. I was able to do most of the program, all with ease. The hotel was a pearl. We really felt at home there. Greece has captured my heart. Thanks again and who knows, see you next time.


Program fly drive Peloponnese

It is of course possible to change the order of the program. In the information package you will find information about opening hours and national holidays.

Day 1 – outward fly drive

You fly into Athens or Kalamata airport. In both cases, the rental car will be waiting for you there. You drive via excellent roads in 3,5 hours (Athens) or an hour and a half (Kalamata) to Xirokambi, a beautiful and above all authentic village in the valley of Sparta. A hundred meters from your hotel is the pleasant square with restaurants and cafes.

Day 2 – Xirokambi and Surroundings

Xirokambi is located at the foothills of the Taygetos Mountains. On your route through the village and its surroundings you will pass ancient olive trees, walk in an impressive gorge and cross the Rasinas River via the oldest stone arch bridge in Europe. In the evening you eat Greek at one of the local restaurants like you have never tasted Greek food before.

Day 3 – Sparta

Sparta is the regional center, with a lively market and excellent museums. The olive museum is an absolute must. There is also an excavation from Antiquity, where it is not only beautiful to photograph, but where you also have a great view over the city and the surrounding mountains. Everything is within walking distance. In the center is the large square; an excellent place to have a coffee or lunch.

Day 4 – Views

The valley of Sparta is surrounded by two major mountain ranges: the Taygetos Mountains on the west side and Parnonas Mountains on the east. During the drive through both mountains you can enjoy fabulous views. The day starts early today with admiring the sunrise overlooking the valley from a special temple and ends with the sunset over the Taygetos Mountains from the place where King Menelaus and Queen Helena once lived.

Day 5 – Mystras

The Byzantine city of Mystras is now an open-air museum. With a castle on top and monasteries and churches glued to the hillside, it's a great place to photograph. We will give you tips for the most beautiful photo spots inside and outside the city.

Day 6 – Taygetos Mountains

The Taygetos Mountains rise high above Xirokambi with its peaks reaching over 2400 meters. Today you go deeper into the mountains, visit one of the most beautiful mountain villages - with a plane tree that is over 2000 years old! On the way there you will be treated to views over valleys and you can see as far as the island of Kythira in one place.

Day 7 – a Day at Sea

From Xirokambi you drive in 30 minutes to the port town of Gythio. Climb some stairs and you have a beautiful view over the Gulf of Lakonia. In the streets of the upper town you have it all to yourself. After your photo walk through the city, drive to one of the nearby beaches for a refreshing swim. You end your day at sea at the always fascinating shipwreck, which you have already seen from the upper city.

Day 8 – Return Journey

For Extra Modules, See the Heading Specials.

Essential Information

Organization Photo Tour Peloponnese

This fly drive is organized by Photothema in close cooperation with Aladin Travel. The travel organization arranges the logistics of the trip and is affiliated with the GGTO Guarantee Fund.

Travel conditions GGTO

When is the best time for this fly drive?

The Greek peninsula is actually a great destination all year round. Based on the description below, you can see when you want to make this trip with a rental car in the Peloponnese.


March: spring beckons, it can be nice and warm and sunny, but also unexpectedly cold. Enjoy blossoms, anemones and orchids.

April and May: fantastic months with pleasant temperatures to be active and fantastic flowers. Also the time when Greeks celebrate their important Easter (photogenic!). In the course of May the sea water is warm enough for even non-fanatic swimmers.

June: nice weather, still green everywhere, but most flowers can now only be found at altitude.

High summer

July, August and with first week of September: high temperatures, most of the flowers are gone and the light is harsh. If you go during this time, it's best to shoot early in the morning and after 16 or 17 pm. You will find cooling both by the sea and in the mountains. Higher up in the mountains you can still find flowers. In the evening it is pleasantly busy on the square and you can sit outside, eat and watch the people until late.

Late Summer

September and October: from the second week of September you get nice temperatures, beautiful light. The grapes are being harvested and here and there people are starting to prepare for the olive harvest. The flowers come back. It's a second spring!

Fly drive in late fall and winter

November and December: wonderful months with really beautiful light, beautiful cloudy skies and often still good temperatures for outside activities (18-20 degrees). The olive and orange harvest is in full swing.

January and February: usually the coldest months, the olive harvest is still in progress here and there and the first spring flowers (anemones, orchids) can be seen.


€ 825 | 1 person + €470
  • 7 nights in a double room including breakfast
  • rental car*
  • extensive travel information with details about photo locations and times, routes, walks
  • tasting of Greek dishes on day 2
  • tips on where to eat the other days and what's good there
  • remote photo tour guide**

Not included:

Not included: flights, fuel rental car, lunch and dinner (except menu on day 2), personal expenses, travel and cancellation insurance, GGTO guarantee fund contribution (€9) and extra modules.

*There is a surcharge of €150 for the rental car in July and August.
** If your traveling companion is not a photographer, you will receive a €100 discount on the travel price.


  • Your information package contains a list to take with you, tailored to the travel period and the type of photography.

Workshop Leading

Always included in the fly drive on the Peloponnese

  • Online meeting in advance
  • We are available along the way if you have problems with your camera
  • detailed package with photo locations, tips, times
  • Online photo review afterwards

Remote service during the fly drive

During this individual photo tour you can use our remote service if you have problems with your camera. For example, think of a camera that no longer works, or if all your photos are overexposed. We use Whatsapp for this.


For Anyone Who Likes Photography

This fly drive is suitable for anyone who likes photography. Whether you shoot with your smartphone, a compact or a larger camera. Based on the online meeting before the trip, we provide information that is adapted to your camera, experience and photography wishes. If you go on a trip with someone who does not or hardly ever take photographs, your traveling companion will also enjoy it to the fullest.


You stay in the Taleton Eco Guesthouse. This 10-room hotel is housed in a beautiful stone building with a green courtyard. The hotel is a few minutes' walk from the village square.*

  • Swimming pool
  • Garden with sun loungers
  • Shaded courtyard with seating areas
  • Cozy breakfast room and a delicious breakfast
  • Bicycles available
  • Free WIFI

*If the hotel is (partially) unavailable, we will make a proposal for a good alternative in consultation.


Standard rental car, to be picked up and returned in consultation at the airport of Kalamata or Athens. Adjustment possible in consultation.

There are several daily flights to Athens throughout the year. From May to October it is also possible to fly from various destinations on Kalamata. You can choose to arrange your flights yourself or let Aladin Travel do this for you.


Additional Modules

You can expand this self-drive photo tour with extra modules. Booking depends on our availability.

Urban Exploring* Photo Workshop – 3 Hours
You will go with one of our photographers to shoot in abandoned houses and an old flour mill. We show you how to properly visualize these intriguing locations.
€ 99 – 1 person incl. use of a tripod
€ 129 – 2 persons incl. use of a tripod

Urbex GreeceUrban Exploring* Day Workshop
Shooting at urbex locations with photographer Anton Harfst. For this full-day workshop, we coordinate which urbex locations (residential houses, train station, old factory) you would like to photograph.
€ 295 – 1 person incl. lunch, photo review and use of a tripod
€ 350 – 2 persons incl. lunch, photo review and use of a tripod

Photo Talk – 45 minutes
Schedule a photo review with photographer Anton Harfst at the start of your trip; you can use the tips and directions for the rest of your trip to come home with even more beautiful photos. The photo review takes place at the hotel.
€ 25 – 1-2 persons

*Urbex locations; Enter at your own risk
Urban exploring is a form of photography that involves risks. By shooting in locations with the permission of the owners, or in publicly accessible locations, we minimize the dangers. Nevertheless, entering the photo locations is always at your own risk. Wear long pants and a t-shirt or shirt with long sleeves. Your clothes must be able to take a beating.