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Small groups, great journeys: discover the Photothema photo tours

Photothema organizes and guides photography tours in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Oman and Canada. With small groups of a maximum of 7 participants and two supervisors, you can always count on excellent individual guidance. With us you can discover, photograph and come home with beautiful images and special memories.


Photo Tours With a Story

Traveling and photography is a fantastic combination. With a camera in your hand you meet other people, you see other things. You take more time to discover your destination. Photothema organizes photo tours, in which special encounters and local stories play an important role. Thus brings the urbex trip in the Peloponnese you in abandoned houses, empty monasteries or desolate stations. And you hear the history of those left behind. In the same area we guide a photo tour during the harvest time of the olives, where you can experience and photograph all facets of the harvest. In the northern Canada we delve into history and meet the Aishihik Champagne First Nations.

Small Groups and Two Accompanying Photographers

The Photothema photo tours have a maximum of 7 participants and always two accompanying photographers. Anton Harfst and Laurien van den Hoven have been organizing and guiding photography trips since 2009. And we still have fun doing it! You can always count on sufficient and expert attention along the way. Photo reviews are a standard part of a photo tour.

New Skills and Photo Techniques

On the one hand, our photo tours offer you plenty of time to photograph beautiful locations. On the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities to gain new skills and discover photo techniques. That's how it is Athens the focus on composition in street photography and there is plenty of room for creative photography. During the more general trips – to Greece, Oman or Venice – we work with different forms of photography – from street photography to landscape and night photography. Before these trips, we always ask if you want to learn specific things or work on special topics.

Warranty Photothema Photo Tours

It is good to know that your travel sum is well insured when you book a trip with Photothema. The photography trips that we organize in collaboration with Aladin Travel - to Greece, Italy, Oman and Canada - fall under the guarantee from the GGTO. The Surprise Weekend in the Netherlands and (private) workshops in Greece are included STO Guarantee. Each trip description states under which guarantee fund a trip falls.


Anton and Laurien collaborate with photographer and tour guide Lex van de Bosch in Fotoreizigers . The logistical organization of foreign trips is done by Aladin Travel.

An eye for the environment

Photography trips closer to home, CO2 compensation, less plastic and supporting the local economy. We know that traveling is harmful to the environment. That is why we do what is necessary to limit or compensate for our effects. Read more

The Essence of a Photo Tour: Ampel Time to Shoot

Photography helps you internalize the environment you are in. We don't see any other group of travelers stop so often and contemplate what it is they see. What makes you stop to admire? What exactly are you taking a picture of? A good photo will be able to convey the atmosphere, the feeling of that moment to someone else. And you need time for that. Time you get when you go on a photo trip with Photothema.

Attention and concentration

During a walk through an – unknown – landscape or a – new – city, you need all your attention and concentration to be able to capture its essence in photos. As a photographer you often find it not enough to say that something is beautiful or wonderful. You want to understand what you see before you take a picture of it that conveys your sense of admiration – or wonder – to the later viewer.

A photography trip is hard work

It is hard work. Sure. But it is a mistake to think that a photographer does not enjoying him/herself. It is often a double or triple enjoyment, also during our photo tours. It is first of all enjoying what there is to see, then enjoying internalizing it. And finally enjoy creating a beautiful photo. Well, not everyone will experience this immediately. That requires a certain control of your photographic equipment and experience. But as a novice photographer you also experience so much pleasure in understanding your camera.

You visit three things in the time others go to see 10 things.

Time to look

You must be given time for both learning and creating. Time to look and to dream and wander. Time to solve the puzzle that every photo is. Moreover, it is making choices. Not wanting to see everything in a city; three churches, a museum, four neighborhoods and then step into the bus, panting. Rather quietly traverse an upper city in the morning, get together to have lunch and share experiences. Then descend to the lower part of town to spend the afternoon there.

“You visit three things in the time others go to see 10 things,” said Hamood, our guide and driver on our first photo tour in Oman after observing us for a day. And he's absolutely right about that. And sometimes even three things is one too many.

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