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Go on a photo trip to Greece with Greece connoisseurs Anton and Laurien. Photogenic locations, excellent guidance and daily photo discussion. Prefer to go on your own? Then choose our 8-day fly drive on the Peloponnese with extensive photography tips.

Read more about this photogenic Mediterranean destination, view our already scheduled photo tours or sign up interest in future photo trips.

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Why Go on a Photo Tour to Greece?

Photogenic, Welcoming and Authentic

As far as we are concerned, Greece has all the ingredients you are looking for in a photo trip: beautiful places to photograph, a hospitable population, good food, good accommodations and a Mediterranean climate. Photothema organizes its trips mainly in the lesser-known Greece. Be surprised by rugged – and green! – landscapes, countless flowers and plants, special urbex locations or lively markets. Our regular base is just south of famous Sparta on the Peloponnese peninsula. But we organize trips to other parts of the country as well.

Guidance by Greece Connoisseurs

The Photothema Photo Tours in Greece are guided by photographers Anton Harfst and Laurien van den Hoven. Anton and Laurien lived in Greece from 2006-2012 and now reside in the village for part of the year in Xirokambi on the Peloponnese. They speak the language and know the people and the environment and that is reflected in their tours. This will take you to beautiful places, meet the locals and there are countless special photo opportunities during a photo tour.

Shooting in All Seasons

Greece may be best known as a beach destination in the months of July and August, but as a photographer there is also plenty to see and photograph in all other months. The olives are harvested in autumn and winter. Essential for Greeks; for outsiders a special thing to experience and photograph.

Rich Flora

Greece has the largest diversity of flowers and plants in Europe. Especially in the (early) spring, the country is one flower carpet. Higher in the mountains you will also find many flowers on your path in the summer months. And in the autumn you will be treated to fields full of cyclamen, crocuses and autumn crocuses.
Mountains Flora Greece

High Mountains, Rugged Nature

We hear it regularly: “How green it is here!”, “What an overwhelming nature!” Sand, sea and white houses may dominate the image of Greece, but during a photo tour in Greece our participants experience how green it is, and how pristine and rugged the landscape and nature. This certainly applies to the Peloponnese and the Greek mainland. For your photography it is great to find the beautiful memories of a rich past in the right places in the landscape. From Byzantine churches, to ancient walls and the foundations of entire palaces.

Greece photo tour
Excavation of Sparta with the 2400 meter high Taygetos mountains as a backdrop.

Rich Street Life

The advantage of the Mediterranean climate is that so much happens on the street. If you love street photography, you can enjoy yourself in markets and squares. Activities like the olive harvest or Greek Easter lend themselves well to photographing people. And chances are that you can immediately enjoy the Greek hospitality.

Urban Exploring

Photographers don't always want to go all the way back to ancient times to take beautiful pictures. In addition to the ancient excavations, lovers of urban photography are also in the right place here. Urbexing on your own is not very easy, but Photothema is happy to take you on her Urbex Photo Tour.
Urbex Photography Greece Tripod

Individual Workshop Trip: With or Without Guidance

Are you a photographer who can't envisage yourself on a group trip? But would you like to use our knowledge and/or feedback on your photos? Then an individual workshop or trip in Greece might be something for you.

You can opt for a tailor-made program with individual guidance on location, with remote guidance or a 8 days fly drive with extensive information about photo locations. Our thematic photo tours in Greece, such as the urbex trip, are available as an individual trip, but not as a trip with remote guidance. If you are interested in an individual tailor-made programme, please contact without obligation.


Photo Tours Greece 2024

The agenda for 2024 is already starting to fill up nicely. With the urbex photo tour from March 23-30, while the 8-day Photo Tour Peloponnese, a photo course and photography holiday in one, is scheduled for the second half of April. And we are excited that the photo trip to Northern Greece is scheduled again for July 9-18. We did this nature trip to the beautiful Prespes Lakes for the first time in 2023 and we enjoyed it so much that we are extending the trip a day longer in 2024!

Also the – culinary – photo tour around the olive harvest  and the Photo Weekend Athens will be back on the agenda in 2024.

New in 2024: the island of Evia and a tour of the Peloponnese

We have two new 9-day trips in 2024. The first is a tour in the south of the Peloponnese from April 12-20 with the theme of Byzantine monuments in the Greek landscape. And during the May holidays, the beautiful island of Evia is our destination. This island has everything for a fascinating and varied photo trip: impressive landscapes, a rugged coastline and photogenic villages and towns.

If you would like to be told in a timely manner when a trip is online, please let us know interest through to us. We will then send you an email as soon as a photo tour can be booked.


The (urbex) trip was beyond my expectation. Anton and Laurien connected in a nice way with my possibilities to get the most out of my camera and myself in my opinion.
Just enjoy photos, decay, humour, conviviality, nature and good food together.
Thanks for that.

This photo tour (on the Peloponnese) with Anton and Laurien is highly recommended. The guidance is knowledgeable, the atmosphere relaxed, the places where photographs are taken are beautiful, the debriefings instructive. Learned a lot and enjoyed authentic Greece.

What a wonderfully casual and inspiring week! And the (urban photography) trip was top notch: transport, accommodations, idyllic lunch and dinner locations, beautiful nature and good urbex locations. Many thanks again for all your good care in every area, Anton and Laurien!

Returned last week from the Flydrive Peloponnese. We were the first participants to make this trip and it is an absolute must! Laurien and Anton will make an inventory of your preferences in advance, then you will receive a complete package with a program for each day with corresponding routes. And also with all kinds of practical tips about photography, but also, for example, about where you can eat best. We have seen beautiful nature, visited remote mountain villages and met many locals. The stay in Xirokambi, with the central square, where you went to eat and drink among the Greek residents on one of the terraces was unique! I was able to photograph a lot (back-up was requested for photography if necessary), and husband Jaap enjoyed all the sights. We look back on a more than successful holiday!

You can find more reviews in the travel descriptions of the photo tours to Greece.

Take an Option on a Photo Tour to Greece

The world has changed and it makes sense that you also book your trip in a different way. You can take a 10-day free option on one of our Greece photo tours or a paid option for a longer period (€25). The free option is especially useful if you still have to arrange time off of work or a solution for informal caregiving. With the paid option, we hold a place for you until there are enough participants for a guaranteed departure. If a trip is already on guaranteed departure, you will be asked to convert the option into a booking if there are no more places available for new participants. In every booking form you can tick the free or paid option.

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If you don't want to join us now, but maybe later, for example on the urbex trip, please fill in the interest form. You can also indicate here that we will keep you informed on new photo tours in Greece.

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Well Arranged: Warranty Photo Trips

The group tours to Greece are carried out in close cooperation with Aladin Travel. They take care of the logistics of the trips for us. Aladin Travel is affiliated with the GGTO guarantee fund, so you can be sure that you will get your travel sum back in case one of the parties involved gets into financial difficulties.

If you book an individual multi-day workshop, it is covered by the warranty from STO.

In the travel description it is indicated whether a trip is organized by Aladin or whether we manage it ourselves.

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