Garant Departure Guaranteed Departure

Activities with guaranteed departure

Are you sure that your photo tour or workshop will continue? Then book an activity with guaranteed departure.

Photo tour option

Do you still need some time to make a final decision? For example because you have to arrange time off from work? Then take a non-binding and free option of 10 days. We work with small groups. For photo tours with guaranteed departure, there are often only a few places left. You can check the choice for the option in the booking form with the itinerary.

I would like to know when a photo tour will be guaranteed departure

Are you interested in a particular photo tour, but do you only want to book when the photo tour is guaranteed? Then let us know that you would like to join. You can do this by taking an option. In each booking form you can tick the box that you do not want to book yet, but prefer an option.

A second option is to pass on your interest in a specific trip. You can do this via a form, but you can also send us a message. Then you will receive an e-mail as soon as a trip can be booked and when it is certain that the trip will take place. Finally, you can also sign up for our newsletter; in it we keep our customers informed of new photo tours and guaranteed departures.

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