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Choose online photo lessons at Photothema: affordable 1-on-1 lessons tailored to your camera, your editing software and your experience. We also organize an online photo course Composition Styles for a small group. All online classes are taught by the experienced photography teacher Anton Harfst.

Overview Online Photo Lessons

Online photo lesson Camera settings

A workshop for anyone who likes to take pictures, but mainly has the camera set to automatic mode. You really want to know how to take even better photos by making good use of the possibilities of your camera.

Price: € 95 including e-book The 7 most important camera settings

This individual online photo lesson is standard 120 minutes. You can also book the workshop in 2 blocks of one hour or extend it with extra hours.

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Camera settings

Camera settings for camera replacement

Price: € 129 including e-book The 7 most important camera settings

The individual online photo lesson is standard 120 minutes. You can also book the workshop in 2 blocks of one hour or extend it with extra hours.

This photo lesson is really something for you:

  • if you have traded in a camera for a newer model
  • when switching from a crop camera to full frame (or vice versa)
  • when switching from an SLR to a mirrorless camera (or vice versa)
  • if you switch from a camera with a fixed lens to a device with interchangeable lenses

For this workshop we assume that you master the most important settings of your camera: aperture, shutter speed, iso, exposure and white balance. You shoot on semi-automatic (aperture priority) and/or manually. If you haven't mastered this yet, book our camera settings workshop for beginners.

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Online Lightroom or Photoshop lessons

Photo editing is an essential part of modern photography. Photothema offers hands-on workshops in Lightroom and Photoshop. We assume the latest version of the software; your workshop is therefore always up-to-date. Photography teacher Anton Harfst teaches you how to edit your own photos on your own laptop via a good and safe video connection. You can book a single lesson of 90 minutes, or an online photo course of 8 lessons in Lightroom or Photoshop.

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Photo Coaching

Photo coaching is one-on-one guidance on parts of your photography that you want to learn or strengthen. Coaching and discussing photos is excellent through video calling. Want to know more, book a free introductory meeting!

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What do you need for an online photo lesson?

For remote lessons you will need:

  • a good internet connection
  • PC or laptop with a camera, speaker and microphone

We also strive for quality for online photo lessons. We tested a number of online ways of working and screen sharing. Zoom clearly came out on top here. You see each other's screen in high quality and without delay. This is important for the smooth progress of a lesson. We will send you an invitation to join the Zoom meeting before the class starts. You don't need to have an account. The online session is protected with a unique login and password.

Want to try video calling with us? Which can!

Not sure if following an online workshop is right for you? We are happy to schedule a short session with you. Then we briefly show and experience what such a distance lesson looks like.

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