15 years of Photo theme

In 2024 there is Photothema 15 years! Started in Greece, moved to the Netherlands because of the financial crisis, survived the corona crisis, and now about to spend more time on Greek soil. In the first years the emphasis was on narrative photography and individual workshops. Since 2011, photo trips have become our most important activity. In a decade and a half we have made 79 photo trips, met special people, started the Photo Travelers together with Lex, participated in the Amsterdam Light Festival and organized readers' walks.

And you were always there: the enthusiastic participants in our photo trips and workshops. Often returning, or otherwise staying in regular contact. Recently we received an email from a participant in our first Oman trip (2014) who sent a photo as a little girl at the goat market in Nizwa. Or a participant in the Surprise Weekend who says that every week she still thinks back to the fantastic photo trip to Yukon and Alaska in 2019.

It is your visible enthusiasm and enjoyment during and after the trips that ensures that 15 years later we still do our work with great pleasure and love. Our big thanks for that!!

We will be in the newsletter regularly looking back on the past 15 years. Also keep an eye on the newsletter for great anniversary offers.

Warm photo greetings,

Anton & Laurien

Anniversary edition Photo theme Readers' Walk

Beautiful memories

Since I came into contact with Anton and Laurien in 2015, I have done many trips and workshops with Photothema. What was the most beautiful, the nicest, the most impressive? Yukon and Alaska, Olive harvest, Oman, composition styles, Athens? Impossible to choose. I learned new things every time. From the tireless Anton and Laurien and from looking at the photos of my fellow travelers: Whow! Why didn't I see that? And every time I came home with great photos.
One photo is perhaps my best 'people photo' (the most difficult for me to do): this young Omani with his big brown eyes at the goat market in Nizwa in February 2018. A great memory!
Nel Kingma
My first photo trip with you. Hilda and I slept in your house. That's where my friendship with Hilda started. May 5, 2013. Ajax won the 32nd national title against Willem II. I believe we were with the group in your house. That's where Anton took this photo! Ajax cap on my head. Marjorie Wilhelmus
In October 2013 I made my very first photo trip with Photothema to the Peloponnese. I still have very beautiful and very nice memories of it. We still keep in touch with almost all participants via Facebook and see each other's photos. Two participants Jos and Christine met on this trip and they got married not long after! Ten years later (July 2023) I did the Peloponnese fly drive with my husband and saw many places again! And once again this was a very special photo trip. Marijke van Overbeek
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