Sustainable Travel With Photothema

Sustainable Travel With Destinations Closer, CO2 Compensation, and Less Plastic

Organizing photo tours is unfortunately not a green branch of sport. But we can of course ensure that our trips do not burden the environment more than necessary. Photothema has worked hard in recent years on new destinations within Europe. In addition, we compensate all CO2 that tour guides emit through the travel kilometers they make. Our efforts are even more effective if we can also count on your help, so that we can enjoy a sustainable holiday together.

CO2 compensation from local transport is included in all photo tours

The CO2 emissions of local transport – from both tour guides and participants – are compensated by us through the FairClimateFund. However, we do not automatically offset the CO2 for your journey to the destination country. We really appreciate it if you do this yourself via GreenSeat of Trees for All or through the FairClimateFund.

Cooking on Biogas in India: Sustainable and Effective

After years of compensating our CO2 emissions by planting trees, Photothema now compensates through the FairClimateFund.

We have opted for biogas cooking in the Indian state of Karnataka. Here, a poor family easily needs 50 kg of firewood per week for cooking. And that happens on an open fire and indoors. By ensuring that these families can switch to cooking on biogas, they no longer lose hours collecting firewood. And the air in the house is a lot cleaner and healthier. The increasingly scarce greenery is now also not used for firewood.

Photothema supervisor Laurien: “When I researched the use of firewood in South India in 1989, it was already an incredibly difficult job for the women to collect the firewood. It's hard to imagine how far women today have to walk to get enough fuel. This project already offers nearly 12.000 households in Karnataka a much better and sustainable alternative. Moreover, they themselves own the CO2 credits.”

FairClimateFund has been working with local partner ADATS since early 2009 to provide households with biogas installations. The CO₂ reduction is certified via Gold Standard and the Fairtrade Climate Standard. This means that local households own the CO₂ credits that are sold for a minimum price including an extra Fairtrade premium.

More Information About the Biogas Project

What Else Are We Doing to Make Travel More Sustainable?

Just No Disposable Plastic

Photothema strives for as little disposable plastic as possible during the photo tours. That's why we ask you to bring your own refillable water bottle. If potable tap water is not available during a trip, we provide large bottles of spring water to refill your bottle. If we regularly picnic along the way, we also ask you to bring a picnic set. A cup, knife, fork and spoon will go a long way.

Sustainable TravelSleep in Small Hotels and Eat at Local Restaurants; This is How You Support the Local Economy

Staying in small hotels and eating at local restaurants: it is more fun and tastier than sleeping in large hotel chains and eating there as well. Moreover, with your sustainable holiday you also ensure that people can earn their living.

Sustainable Travel, but of Course Also Paying Attention to the Environment at Home

Sustainable holidays start with preparation. So our office runs on solar panels and green electricity, we make fair trade and organic coffee and tea and we hardly print. In addition, we have an honest bank that does not invest in harmful projects and Photothema.com runs on a green server.

Sustainable Travel; How Do You Contribute?

  • Bring a reusable water bottle instead of disposable plastic bottles
  • Bring a picnic set
  • If possible, travel by train or your own car to the starting point of the photo tour
  • Keep in mind that you don't always have to go far to take good pictures!
  • Compensate for the CO2 emissions of your trip to the destination country
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