Travel Conditions for Photo Tours With GGTO Guarantee

Conditions Photo Tours in Collaboration With Aladin Travel

For the conditions of the photo tours in the Netherlands, Belgium and Greece with STO guarantee, click here.

Aladin TravelPhotothema's photographers/tour guides accompany the photo tour. Aladin Travel is the responsible travel operator, which is affiliated with the Association of Small Travel Organizations (VvKR) and the guarantee fund GGTO. You fill in the booking form on our website and we will forward the booking to our partner. You will receive the invoice via Aladin Travel and pay it directly and without the intervention of Photothema. The following conditions apply to the trips in collaboration with Aladin Travel.


The photo tour will be published on the Photothema website (hereinafter referred to as: the website). The description on the website includes route, program, hotels, activities, additional conditions and prices.

Optional Booking

It is possible for participants to take an option to participate in a photo tour. The rules of the game for this are listed on this website.

Registration, Booking and Payment

Registration for a photo tour is done via the relevant form on the website. The participant is obliged to fill in the form truthfully and to indicate relevant personal circumstances that may influence the execution of the trip when registering, such as illness, disabilities, allergies, general condition, etc.

After registration, the participant will receive the booking confirmation/invoice (hereinafter referred to as: booking confirmation) which states: the details of the participant, the photo tour, the cancellation costs, the link to the photo tour description on the website and the payment details (deposit, remaining payment and final payment dates). The participant is obliged to check the details on the booking confirmation for correctness and to inform the tour operator immediately in the event of incorrect details.

The participant's booking is final and binding after payment of the (down) payment as stated on the booking confirmation. By making the (down) payment, the participant agrees to the details on the booking confirmation. The (down) payment must be received by Aladin Travel within 5 days after the invoice date of the booking confirmation. The final payment date of any remaining payment is stated on the booking confirmation. If the deposit/payment is not received in time by Aladin Travel, the travel organizer reserves the right to exclude the participant from the photo tour. If the remaining payment is not received on time by Aladin Travel, the travel organizer reserves the right to exclude the participant from the photo tour after a summons and to charge the participant for the cancellation costs.

Guaranteed Departure Statement

Each photo tour has a minimum and maximum number of participants. As soon as the minimum number of participants has booked, the trip will continue (“guaranteed departure”) and the participant will be notified by email by the travel organizer.

The latest date of guarantee for the photo trip is stated on the relevant page on the website. This date is standard 8 weeks before departure, but can deviate if, for example, reservation restrictions give rise to this.

If the photo tour does not take place due to too few participants, the participant will be informed as follows:
will be informed by email as soon as possible. In that case, any payments made will be 100% refunded unless stated otherwise on the booking confirmation. Participants are advised not to purchase airline tickets until the Garant Departure point.

Participant Obligations

The participant is obliged to comply with all instructions from the tour guide or service provider(s) to promote the proper execution of the trip. The participant is liable for damage and/or costs caused by non-compliance with this obligation. Smoking is not allowed during all photo tours during transport and stay.

The participant must respect the local customs/culture and code of conduct and dress on the basis of the information and instructions of the tour guides. If the participant repeatedly fails to comply with the instructions, tour leaders are authorized to exclude the participant from further participation. Any costs for deviating transport, deviating accommodation, etc. for this participant are for the account of the participant.

The participant will be informed by the travel organizer or Photothema of provisions regarding travel documents. The participant must be in possession of the necessary travel documents on departure and during the trip, such as a passport and any required visa. If a participant cannot or cannot fully make the trip due to the lack of a (valid) document, all associated consequences and costs will be borne by the participant.

The participant must be in possession of valid travel luggage, travel accident and health insurance on departure and during the trip. Taking out cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.


Any complaints that exceed the level of a single comment or comment must be reported to the tour guide and/or the relevant service provider as soon as possible, so that they can find an appropriate solution. If the complaint is not resolved within a reasonable period of time and clearly detracts from the quality of the trip, the participant must immediately contact Aladin Travel by telephone (communication costs will be reimbursed, unless it appears that these should not reasonably have been incurred or that the complaint is unfounded).

The correctness of the implementation of the photo tour can also be assessed according to the customs and habits of the country and the place and circumstances where these services are provided and weighed against the amount of the travel sum.

Price Changes

In the event of changes in prices, exchange rates, surcharges or taxes, the travel organizer reserves the right to change the price for participation in the photo tour, which must be communicated to the participant as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days before departure, stating the reason. and) of the price change.

Cancellation by the Participant

Cancellation (before departure) of a photo trip by the participant must be done immediately by email
to be made known to the tour operator, stating the date of the email as
cancellation date applies.
The costs for the participant of cancellation with regard to the country package are as follows:
In case of cancellation
• up to 8 weeks before departure: 15% cancellation costs + € 25 administration costs;
• within 8 to 3 weeks before departure: 60% cancellation costs;
• from 3 weeks before departure or no show or during the trip: 100% cancellation costs;

Any deviating cancellation costs will be stated on the booking confirmation.
The participant can nominate another person as a replacement participant; the
administration costs for this amount to € 25.

The costs for the participant in case of cancellation with regard to airline tickets are for the account of the
participant and the terms/conditions of the airline are
leading regardless of whether he/she purchased the flight ticket himself or through the
tour operator.

The tour operator will at all times do its utmost to avoid the consequences and costs
of cancellation for all concerned and keep these as limited as possible.

Cancellation by the Tour Operator and Liability

The tour operator and Photothema may be forced to cancel a trip if there are circumstances that could affect the quality, performance or safety during the trip. In the event of cancellation of a trip, the tour operator undertakes to immediately notify the participants, stating the reasons. In the event of cancellation of a trip by the travel organization, it cannot be held liable for financial loss or loss of travel enjoyment of the participant, if the cancellation is the result of abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that are independent of the will of the person who invokes it and the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions. In cases of cancellation, no liability is accepted for costs already incurred by the participant, such as insurance premiums, payments, visa costs, vaccinations, etc.

The tour operator does not accept any liability for damage and/or injury caused to the participant, inflicted by anyone and for whatever reason, unless this can be attributed to the tour operator's own gross negligence or intent. The liability for the damage referred to in paragraph 2 of article 7:509 *) of the Dutch Civil Code can, in accordance with this article, never exceed three times the travel sum. Nor is the tour operator liable for loss, theft or damage to property, including money. Obvious errors and mistakes in the travel program do not bind the tour operator. These kinds of errors and mistakes are - from the perspective of the average traveler - recognizable as such at first glance or should be.

Changes in the Travel Program

Local circumstances and the adventurous nature of the trip may mean that small or substantial adjustments must be made to the travel program before or during the trip. The travel organizer undertakes to limit any adverse consequences for the participants as much as possible and to look for alternatives that keep the nature of the original program intact as much as possible. In case of changes, the participants will be informed without delay, stating the reasons. In principle, the said changes have no consequences for the travel sum, nor will participants have a claim for compensation against the tour operator on those grounds. The participant can reject any changes (also changes in the travel sum), but only if there is no reasonable alternative available and the change is to a disadvantage of more than minor significance. In the event of a rejection, the travel organizer can cancel the travel agreement, whereby the cancellation conditions as stated on the booking confirmation apply.

*) See https://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0005290/

Updated July 2, 2024

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